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Chara at home

Do you have a dedicated space to relax in your home? It might be a big comfy chair or even a window with a great view. The type of space where you can settle in to have a cuppa, read a book or just take a brief moment to centre yourself amidst the bustle of your morning routine.

We know this season has seen us spend a lot of time in our homes and we're hoping that you have been able to create some practices and rituals that have brought you back to hope and rest in a time that has been turbulent.

With more Chara beverages being consumed in homes, we love hearing stories about how the process of making a cup and enjoying it has become a ritual, a moment to be present in the day and refresh the soul. It literally makes our week!

We hope you find time for a moment like that today.

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Meredith Longfield
Meredith Longfield
31 août 2021

Sitting still in the warmth of the sun with a cuppa and being present, a time to stop and really taste and see that life is good.

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