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At Chara Foods, we create the highest quality chai and matcha blends for people to enjoy.

We take great pride in our manufacturing. Our fresh chai and matcha are all crafted in-house at the home of Chara Foods in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Every product is made and packed by hand.

We do so with a sense of purpose, knowing that there is love of the craft in every cup.


We also like to think of ourselves as coffee's best friend.


Although we don't actually roast or sell coffee, we partner with many of Australia's top specialty coffee roasters, distributors and cafes. We provide them with their two most important beverages other than coffee. Tea & Spice Specialty Chai (both fresh and powder) and Ora Matcha.


At Chara Foods, our ethos is "if we're going to make something, let's make it better!" So we wholeheartedly believe that we have the best chai and matcha in the industry.


Since the beginning, we have been about people.


Chara Foods creates blends that are satisfying to make and satisfying to enjoy in cafes or at home.


And we are always here to help. 

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When people gather with a unified vision, the result can be powerful.


In our world as the makers, we know our work is to refine every detail of our handcrafted chai and matcha blends. We fastidiously focus on each element so people can enjoy the collective experience they create with our products. And we enjoy every moment.


We launched Chara Collective to embrace and cultivate the collective vision of our growing community of café owners, roasters, customers and friends, bringing together moments where we can share stories, techniques and adaptions that provide a platform to share experiences.


And it has grown.


Today, we operate from a place of enjoyment and celebration. Together, we share events, collaborations and happenings and we are so glad you’re here.


Join the Chara Collective.

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