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Time has told us that people enjoy the authentic and unwaveringly high quality Tea & Spice Specialty Chai blends.

We started the Tea & Spice Specialty Chai journey to create a chai that elevated beyond everyday.

Not your ordinary chai.

We have taken great care in creating Tea & Spice Specialty Chai.

Our Fresh Chai is handcrafted for the true chai connoisseur. Tea & Spice Specialty Chai is for someone who appreciates the place and purpose of each selected ingredient.

The recipe for Tea & Spice Specialty Chai is one that is well balanced with spice, warmth and sweetness, while also leaving a few delightful surprises along the way.

Our Tea & Spice Powdered Chai stands out from other powders.

There is less sugar and more spice. It tastes like chai with a soft, smooth mouth feel. Perfect for new or regular lovers of chai.

Australian Vegan Chai