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Ora Matcha is a traditional Japanese matcha tea, transformed into a latte.

The Ora Matcha recipe stays true to the traditional Japanese matcha tea flavours, while bringing a new level of texture and taste.


With a hint of organic coconut sugar, Ora Matcha is a perfectly balanced recipe.

For matcha enthusiasts, Ora Matcha reflects a recipe that has the ability to transport you to a time and place where traditions and textures are savoured and enjoyed.

A Tokyo tea house sipping a nice hot cup of matcha.

A slow and stylish cafe on the shores of Australia.

A moment of stillness in our bustling and vibrant cities.

With each Ora Matcha experience, we deliver on a promise. Consistency, enjoyment and a moment to savour all that is beautiful and pure in this world. 

Ora Matcha is proudly vegan, gluten free and without additives or preservatives.

Vegan Matcha Powder