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A new year brings new beginnings and new opportunities to try something new.

We are emersed in the principles of creating essential and delicious Matcha. With each new locally created batch of Ora Matcha we are compelled to reflect on what brought us here.

We ourselves once tried this new and unique flavour and stepped outside our comfort zone. We placed our favourites at the time to the side momentarily to try what traditional Japanese purists have been creating for many years.

We quizzically sipped on the brightly coloured elixir to find ourselves understanding what people discover in this rich and powerful brew. And what they discover in themselves.

The antioxidants underpinned by the calming aroma conjure visions of contentment. For a few moments in the day you are unaffected by life’s business or the growing need to move faster and not linger.

But linger we do when we enjoy Ora Matcha.

Just as we lingered over each new test batch to reach what has today become a staple in many lives.

When we set out to create our own Matcha, we began with a vision of fusing this perfected tradition with our lifestyle and taste.

With Ora Matcha, we celebrate the old and we celebrate the new.

In 2021, we look ahead to what is possible.

This year, we are working on new and exciting products from Chara Foods, but we also celebrate the rich diversity in what people create with our foundational products like Ora Matcha.

The Chara Collective community shares so many different recipes created with our Ora Matcha. This creativity is inspiring and makes us smile with joy.

Today, for those who have not tried Ora Matcha, we introduce a new friend into your life that can transport you to a calming Japanese Tea house while celebrating where you live, wherever you are.

If you have a Matcha recipe you love that people need to hear in 2021, please share it.

If you are a creative and innovative chef and have an idea for your menu, let us know and we will send you some Ora Matcha to test with.

We love creativity and we love Ora Matcha.


Chara Foods is the team behind Tea & Spice Specialty Chai, Dux Hot Chocolate and Ora Matcha. High quality beverages handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia.

We provide both wholesale beverage products to cafes, coffee roasters and restaurants as well as direct to consumers on our website.

The Chara Foods mission is to connect high quality venues with high quality products that deliver on taste, ingredients and texture.

Our focus is on exceptional products and customer service that makes the process of discovering and reordering chai, hot chocolate and matcha easier, simpler and with heart.

That is the Chara Foods way.

For more information or to get in touch with the team call 1300 110 641 or email at

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