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Pair Your Chai

Imagine you're sitting down this festive season to have a cup of your Tea & Spice Specialty Chai and you're searching for the perfect snack to accompany it. What do you reach for?

We have some ideas that pair perfectly with the flavours of Chai:

Some good old fashioned Chocolate

Just like our Tea & Spice Specialty Chai, a good quality chocolate is a delicious and satisfying luxury. The sweetness of a piece of chocolate pairs beautifully with the spice & depth of s warming cup of chai.

A soft Brie

If you are more of a savoury type, try some brie on a toasted baguette. Buttery and creamy flavours provide a great balance to our Tea & Spice Specialty Chai. Brie is a cheese that will compliment the intricacies of a chai without overpowering it in taste.

Settle in with some popcorn

For the spiciest of chai lovers, why not try sprinkling some freshly made popcorn with cinnamon and nutmeg? Or for a little extra extravagance that you know you deserve, you won't regret topping your popcorn with our Tea & Spice dusting powder.


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