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Baristas long history of knowing how to prepare the perfect cup, at speed.

We have a long history of respect for the process of preparing beverages. We have been behind many coffee machines over the years, knowing the intricate differences that can make a substantial impact on the individual flavour, texture and feel of each cup.

When we speak with Barista’s who spend a significant amount of their days preparing high quality coffee for customers that have an expectation of quality, we know that there is a fine balance between the perfect cup and time spent on preparing.

Over time, Baristas finesse their craft. As knowledge increases on the methods that best suit different beans and milk choices, so too does the positive experience of each customer.

The experience of a great coffee and ensuring they can grab the take-away quickly while they are on their way to their destination.

The one resounding piece of insight we get from baristas is that time is everything. Once you know how to time a great coffee, the rest falls into place.

The balance of speed and quality is a constant, and as a consumer of great coffee, we know immediately when Barista’s have honed their skills and mastered the balance.

There is great pride and a balanced respect for the coffee, the process and of course, the customer.

When we first started to develop our award-winning Tea & Spice Specialty Chai, our focus from the outset was on the highest quality ingredients used in a recipe that captures the essence of great chai.

A nod to tradition while harnessing modern tastes and feel.

As experienced baristas ourselves, we also wanted to make sure that we accounted for the importance of time. If we were to create a chai that baristas would enjoy using, we knew we had to break the mould and innovate to ensure we delivered a chai that did not take a significant amount of time to prepare.

That is how Tea & Spice Specialty Chai was created and why today, we work with Barista’s to deliver what we believe is coffee’s best friend.

Recently, we spoke with our friends at Black Flat Coffee about why they prefer Tea & Spice Specialty Chai. Like us, they have the highest standards for their customers and are well known for their uncompromising quality and timing.

“What we have on the bar is really important to and we are serving what we think is amazing. We use Tea & Spice Specialty Chai because we love working with the chai guys. They are really good. They serve us quality and they really convey that too us. That is why we use them.”

Watch the full chat.

Chara Foods is the team behind Tea & Spice Specialty Chai, Dux Hot Chocolate and Ora Matcha. High quality beverages handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia. We provide both wholesale beverage products to cafes, coffee roasters and restaurants as well as direct to consumers on our website. The Chara Foods mission is to connect high quality venues with high quality products that deliver on taste, ingredients and texture. Our focus is on exceptional products and customer service that makes the process of discovering and reordering chai, hot chocolate and matcha easier, simpler and with heart. That is the Chara Foods way.

For more information or to get in touch with the team call 1300 110 641 or email at

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