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How we create moments of bliss that transport us to another place and time

Walking through our favourite places, whether that be a vibrant city street, a quiet country road or our own kitchen at home, we enjoy the experience through our senses.

We see beauty in the vibrant or soft colours that surround us. We hear the humming sounds of nature or the hustle and bustle of people rushing by. We enjoy the music. The clinking of the crockery. The quiet chatter.

When it comes to our taste and smell, for us it is the one thing that truly transports us to another time and place.

Matcha has a rich history that dates back over 1000 years. 1000 years of individuals creating their own moments of reflection and calm. People have created ceremonies around this important beverage. Rituals have been developed that help people to stop and exist only in that moment.

When we prepare our Ora Matcha, we are surrounded by this rich history and tradition.

We created Ora Matcha because it has the ability to take us back to a tiny tea house in Japan. Soft wood tones. A soft breeze. Incredible hospitality. Care in the preparation.

Years on, Ora Matcha takes us to new moments and places. Sitting on the balcony enjoying Ora Matcha over ice cream. Enjoying a creamy Ora Matcha latte with a friend at home. Sitting in some of Australia’s most vibrant cafés, speaking to owners, baristas and team members talking through how Matcha has become a part of their lives.

When people first try Ora Matcha, we see their minds expand because of the possibilities. It is a simple flavour, yet it has an undertone of complexity. It feels nourishing. The taste becomes addictive and memorable.

Every day that we make our Ora Matcha we think of the moments that people will create when they enjoy their Ora Matcha and we smile.

Ora Matcha enriches lives with a simple ritual.

And we are so proud to be a part of that.

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