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Is sweetness simply an illusion for our senses?

When people discover we make and prepare hot chocolate blends for a living, there is an instant nostalgia that overcomes them.

We hear of the times when they would come home from school and reach for the box of cocoa in the back of the cupboard. Followed immediately by the jar of white sugar which they say was a complete necessity to blend up their ideal afternoon treat.

They talk about the abundance of sugar graduals needed to take away the bitterness and bring out the chocolate flavour. They talk of old habits, dying hard.

They try our Dux 38 and Dux 50 and remark on how far hot chocolate has come.

Today, hot chocolate is a universal moment of warmth and comfort. Rich and smooth. Sweet but ingredient led.

We know that sweetness is a fundamental element in the art of preparing a smooth and rich hot chocolate blend. And over the years, it has been interesting to learn of the differences in individual preferences.

For some, our Dux 38 is considered perfection, while for others, they reach for the richer strength of our Dux 50.

When we invite our customers, friends and families to try different blends and flavour combinations, it is always fascinating to learn that the balance of sweetness is always one of their first comments.

“That is lovely, it is not too sweet.”

“That is deliciously sweet.”

Same blend. Two different points of view.

Often darker hot chocolates are associated with the avid chocolate connoisseur, though we find our more everyday hot chocolate drinkers are equally passionate about finding the right balance.

Hot chocolate is about personal preference. It is finding the taste and feel that resonates with you.

Blindfolded, our traditional 38% drinkers find the 50% blend immersive and new.

While our 50% drinkers find our 38% alluding and complex.

While taste plays a pivotal role in the design and craft of both our Dux Hot Chocolate 38 and 50 blends, so too does the visual attributes.

To the eyes, both look rich and delicious as you spoon into the cup. Though side by side, the Dux 50 is darker.

To the mouth, both feel smooth and warming as you sip. Though side by side, the Dux 50 is deeper and the Dux 38 has a balanced sweetness familiar to many hot chocolate drinkers.

We love the exploratory journey people take when they discover Dux Hot Chocolate blends. Often taking time to try one, then the other, depending on the day.

Begin with a rotation and appreciation of blend, then circle into enhanced combinations of milks, temperatures and preparation techniques.

Our focus has been to make the blends consistent with each small batch prepared.

This allows for baristas through to those preparing at home to get creative and explore the varying ways to enjoy and captivate the senses.

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