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Cafes are open and Chara Foods celebrate the art of baristas being back in full view

The art of preparation is one that we at Chara Foods appreciate and celebrate every day.

We create products that exist to be enjoyed and savoured, providing a moment of enrichment to simply make a person's day better.

With cafes safely welcoming customers back into their unique and diverse spaces, we take a moment to celebrate the baristas and creators.

The speed and accuracy.

The precision.

The dedication to the craft and the care put into every cup.

We are so lucky to have so many cafes serving customers perfectly prepared Tea & Spice Specialty Chai, Dux Hot Chocolate and our vibrant Ora Matcha.

For that we at Chara Foods are very grateful.

In crafting our range of high quality beverage products in Melbourne, our mission is always to provide the perfect foundation for baristas to build on in creating their own style and take on the product.

We of course have our preferred methods, which can be discovered here, however over the years we have been seen so many creative ways that baristas and owners have integrated our products into their menus.

Hot. Cold. In dining recipes.

Whether it is Tea & Spice Specialty Chai, Dux Hot Chocolate or Ora Matcha, Cafes in Australia have embraced the Chara Foods vision and built on it.

Today we at Chara Foods say thank you.

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