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Questions we asked when creating our Award winning Tea & Spice Specialty Chai recipe

It was a process. Right from the start. With every small test batch, we asked questions around taste, mouth feel, texture. We wanted to know everything. We listened to the words our industry friends said when they first tried a new batch. We observed their physical response to the chai experience we were looking to create. Smoothness. High quality. Authentic Chai.

The highest standard possible was our benchmark.

After countless batches and months of interviews and observations, we felt we had found the right balance. Today, that recipe is what has become our Award winning Tea & Spice Specialty Chai.

Right out of the gates it was appreciated and we are so grateful for that.

We knew that the recipe needed to be a pleasurable experience for people to enjoy. We also knew that the process of preparation needed to be quick and easy.

At home, it was to be an easy process that would be both immersive and simple.

In cafes, preparing for hundreds of individuals, it was to be fast, high quality and consistent.

We continue to ask questions to ensure we maintain the highest possible quality and standards.

On the phone, via email, on our socials and face to face, we so often receive lovely feedback and it puts a smile on our faces as we gear up to prepare our next batch.

We do what we do because we have a love of the highest quality beverages.

Recently, we spoke with our friends at The Hatter and the Hare about why they prefer Tea & Spice Specialty Chai. They have the highest standards for their customers and deliver uncompromising quality.

“At The Hatter and The Hare, we always put quality over price. Quality is the first thing we consider when we look for a product. Especially Chai,”

“We use Tea & Spice Specialty Chai because we think it is an excellent product. It is a really high quality product,”

“From a user point of view, it is quick and easy to work with. And from consumer point of view, it tastes beautiful, it’s consistent and everyone seems to love it.”

The Hatter and The Hare is a café, patisserie and event venue offering gastronomic experiences that inspire.


Chara Foods is the team behind Tea & Spice Specialty Chai, Dux Hot Chocolate and Ora Matcha. High quality beverages handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia.

We provide both wholesale beverage products to cafes, coffee roasters and restaurants as well as direct to consumers on our website.

The Chara Foods mission is to connect high quality venues with high quality products that deliver on taste, ingredients and texture.

Our focus is on exceptional products and customer service that makes the process of discovering and reordering chai, hot chocolate and matcha easier, simpler and with heart.

That is the Chara Foods way.

For more information or to get in touch with the team call 1300 110 641 or email at

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