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Spice has its moment this time of year and so does balance.

Cardamom, Star anise, Clove and cinnamon have a starring role during the holiday season. Any room you walk into seems to have blissful aromatics that remind us of memories with good friends and family. For us here at Chara Foods, the memories extend further. We go back to the hours and days spent creating the perfect balance of flavours for our Tea and Spice Specialty Chai.

We started with our fundamental chai recipe. We then bunkered down to transform it into the award winning combination it has become today. And we are very proud of our Tea and Spice Specialty Chai.

It was a time of patience, appreciation and keeping our focus on the individual moment. We had to immerse ourselves in that particular brew to determine if that was the perfect recipe we were going to put our names to.

We knew it was quality. We knew we had the critical elements. We knew how to bring those individual ingredients to life. Most importantly, we knew it was all about balance.

During this time of year when we stop for a moment to look back and reflect, we see that balance is at the heart of what we do.

We balance the ingredients in each of our Chara Foods recipes. Whether it be our Tea and Spice Specialty Chai, Dux Hot Chocolate or Ora Matcha, we exercise balance.

We balance our production, so that we remain committed to small batch to ensure we deliver the highest quality our customers have become accustomed to.

We balance our innovation with tradition.

We balance our hard work with our good times.

What an extraordinary year we have all had in 2020. What we know for sure is that we can’t wait for what is to come. Balancing the challenges with the celebrations.

And for our customers, cafes, restaurants and coffee roasters, we are there with you. Every step of the way.

Here is our Co-Founder Seong-Lee Ang on the importance of balance at Chara Foods.

Chara Foods is the team behind Tea & Spice Specialty Chai, Dux Hot Chocolate and Ora Matcha. High quality beverages handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia.

We provide both wholesale beverage products to cafes, coffee roasters and restaurants as well as direct to consumers on our website.

The Chara Foods mission is to connect high quality venues with high quality products that deliver on taste, ingredients and texture.

Our focus is on exceptional products and customer service that makes the process of discovering and reordering chai, hot chocolate and matcha easier, simpler and with heart.

That is the Chara Foods way.

For more information or to get in touch with the team call 1300 110 641 or email at

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